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SBM Vesak Day 2023
In collaboration with
Buddhist Youth Network
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2 JUNE 2023 @ 9.45am 

The Great Metta Sit is a virtual 15-minutes Metta Meditation activity, part of SBM's virtual Vesak Day celebrations from 9am - 12.30pm. Through Metta Meditation, participants send wishes to oneself and others to be well and happy, an act of loving-kindness and a form of positive mental resilience we hope to cultivate especially in this trying times of global pandemic.

Discover more about Metta Meditation and the benefits at bottom of page

Image by Susanna Marsiglia

Each of us can choose to devote our efforts to create Merits using the 10 meritorious deeds and come together at the finale Great Metta Sit guided by Venerable Mahinda and dedicate our merits to the world. Various research groups have shown that Metta or Loving-kindness meditation have been shown to promote positive mental health benefits for all including students and patients.

Can I just participate in the Great Metta Sit only?

Yes, Metta mediation is one of the highlighted meritorious deed this Vesak! You can register for the Great Metta Sit only where you may join in person at Singapore Buddhist Mission (100 slots only) or join the ZOOM broadcast together with the global community held on 2nd Jun 2023, 9am – 12pm SGT.


1 Metta Minute = $1 donation by us 

To support this act of kindness, Singapore Buddhist Mission and Buddhist Youth Network will commit $1 per 1 minute of Metta Meditation pledged by Vesak Day, 26 May 2021. We target to donate up to $15,000 to Firefly Mission and Aranya Sangha Dana Fellowship with a total of 15,000 minutes pledged. Pledge below to be part of this!


Metta is an active form of meditation where instead of focusing on the breath, we focus on sending benevolent thoughts and wishes out into the world, and we imagine that the people in our minds are touched by our loving kindness. In some forms of this meditation, we go a step further and imagine that the subject of our metta meditation may be (and this includes ourselves) is relieved of their particular form of discomfort, unease or pain as they are touched by the power of our goodwill.


Play the 15 Minute guided Metta meditation by Venerable Mahinda for reference.

Meditation 3 (15 mins) - Ven Mahinda - GArtist Name
00:00 / 15:26

You will sleep easily
You will wake easily
You will have pleasant dreams
People will love you
Devas (gods or angels) and animals will love you
Devas will protect you
External dangers, such as poisons, weapons, and fire, will not harm you
Your face will be radiant
Your mind will be serene
You will die unconfused
You will be re-born in happy realms
(from Anguttara Nikaya 11.16)

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