Discover activities in the upcoming months from youths to adults

  • SBM Metta (Loving Kindness) Circle with Sis Bee Li
    Thu, 29 Sept
    Every Thursday evening at 8pm SGT, where you will spend the precious hour meeting like-minded people, be guided through meditation, and listen to bite-size Dhamma talks. The topics covered include the practice of loving-kindness, the purpose of life, and more! Yea
  • Right Livelihood Series by Sis Foo Siew Fong
    Sat, 08 Oct
    Where do you stand on the Right Livelihood? How can we all put it into practice? What are some of the gray areas we need to be mindful of? Join us as we walk the Dharma exploratory path with Sis Siew Fong and deepen our understanding of the branch of the Noble 8 Fold Path.