Discover activities in the upcoming months from youths to adults

  • Sutra Series with Bro PJ
    Tue, 17 May
    During this sutra series, Bro PJ will select some sutra in 3 different areas including Views, Motivations & Intentions , Actions for Self & Others. Do join in this wholesome sharing of Dharma on Tuesday evenings.
  • SBM Metta (Loving Kindness) Circle with Sis Bee Li
    Thu, 19 May
    Every Thursday evening at 8pm SGT, where you will spend the precious hour meeting like-minded people, be guided through meditation, and listen to bite-size Dhamma talks. The topics covered include the practice of loving-kindness, the purpose of life, and more!
  • Metta Meditation by Bhante Punna
    Tue, 07 Jun
    Join Bhante Punna to learn more about Metta Meditation with 16 steps of breathing meditation, Dependent Origination and 4 foundations of mindfulness! This virtual meditation class includes (1) Dhamma Lesson, (2) Guided meditation practice and (3) Q&A.