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Singapore Buddhist Mission (新加坡佛教传道会) began in 1981 with the mission of encouraging, fostering and developing our members the qualities of Wisdom and Compassion through the practice of the teachings of the Buddha. We have a strong and vibrant youth wing SBM Youth, a SBM Fellowship Circle catered for working professionals and a SBM core group that are the pillars of our organization.


The Singapore Buddhist Mission’s youth group, SBM Youth, is established in 1997. Today, it is one of the country’s most active and enduring Buddhist youth group. SBM Youth is a fellowship of young and vibrant Buddhists aged 13 to 25 years old. The youth group organizes a wide variety of activities that seek to balance spiritual pursuits with youthful living.


Singapore Buddhist Mission Fellowship Circle is a new programme aimed to network with young working professionals from the Buddhist Community to discuss current challenges and share sucesses as we learn the Dhamma and practice what the Buddha imparted to us with the guidance from the Sangha.


Singapore Buddhist Mission's core adult group are a group of close-knit practicing Buddhist who so readily come together every Sunday to understand and practice the Dhamma in the presence of the Sangha and spiritual friends.

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