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Message from

Venerable K. Dhammika

Maha Thera

Chief Reverend, SBM

Vesak marks the occasions of birth, passing away, and attaining enlightenment of the Buddha. It  is a tribute to the Buddha's outstanding contribution to the effort to free sentient beings from  suffering. Buddhism offers a way to understand reality and a message that can be used by any  society at any time. For this reason, Lord Buddha himself referred to it as a timeless (Akālika)  doctrine. Admiration of each individual’s independence is also another significant characteristic  that sticks out. Buddhist aphorisms like "Ehipassiko" is an important assertion here in this context. 

To celebrate Vesak in a meaningful way, we should dedicate ourselves to upholding the noble  teachings of the Buddha alongside both young and seniors. The importance of understanding good  and bad deeds and the distinction between merit and demerit with a clear mind has been  emphasized by Lord Buddha. Therefore, we ought to take this opportunity to inculcate wholesome  deeds while praying to the triple gem to bring peace and harmony for the benefit of many. 

On this ideal occasion, it reminds followers to broaden their awareness of the significance of  Buddhist teachings and practices. Moreover, it promotes a more optimistic  outlook on Buddhist principles and helps people realize the value of living their lives through the  fundamental teachings of Buddhism, such as mindfulness, gratitude, and the Four Noble Truths.  Thus, we can become ardent Buddhist practitioners and observe this Vesak meaningfully by  appropriately doing our religious duties.


May all beings be well and happy!

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