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SBM 2024 Chinese New Year Blessing 

Light offering: A $20 contribution to kindle a beacon of wisdom and compassion. This symbolic act serves as a guiding light towards the attainment of inner peace, happiness, and the ultimate realisation of Nirvana. In the Buddhist tradition, the making of an offering allows one to practice giving, to express gratitude and respect and to reflect upon the life sustaining law of interdependence. The offering of light extinguishes darkness, it symbolically represents the way in which wisdom dispels ignorance.

Aspiration-making lantern: Offering lanterns and lighting them after dark is a beautiful way of reminding oneself of one's commitment and its influence on the world. Like a lighted candle which can serve many unlighted candles, one's spiritual commitment and cultivation not only can illuminate one's own life but also the lives of many.

If you would like to offer an Aspiration-making lantern ($30) or Light Offering ($20) please fill in the online form below.


Blessing Lantern ($30 each lantern)


Light Offering ($20 each set)

For any enquiries, please contact us at

Chinese New Year Offering
Join us in this meritorious occasion
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