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26 MAY 2021

9.00am - 12.30pm 


A virtual Vesak day celebration brought to you by Singapore Buddhist Mission 

Vesak Day is celebrated by Buddhist worldwide and, today, our lives have changed with a worldwide on-going pandemic. Metta is the Pali word for “loving-kindness” or “boundless love” we practice Metta by invoking a “strong wish for the well-being and happiness of others”. #OneMettaApart advocates the practice of Metta for oneself and others and for us to be as mindful as possible in our daily thoughts, speech and bodily actions. Metta brings people’s hearts and minds closer without barriers and biases in this trying period.

vesak 2021 the great metta sit2.png


15-minute virtual Metta Meditation 

Virtual gathering of 1,000 like-minded friends to practice Metta and Mindfulness meditation for 15 minutes under the guidance of Venerable Mahinda Maha Thera on Vesak Day. For every 1 minute of meditation done, we will donate $1 to Firefly Mission and Aranya Sangha Dana Fellowship to support vulnerable and needy communities. Register to pledge for your 15-minute support to raise $15,000 below!


In the last advice of the Buddha, “All component things in the world are changeable. They are not lasting. Work hard to gain your own salvation”. Thus, we hope to educate, encourage and motivate people to practice on a holy day such as Vesak Day. Metta (Loving-kindness) meditation anchors people with positive mental resilience especially in this trying times of global pandemic. Free from biasness and enmity

Here's a 15 minute guided Metta Meditation for reference
Meditation 3 (15 mins) - Ven Mahinda - GArtist Name
00:00 / 15:26


Virtual performance and sing-along

Join us in celebration with SBM’s signature E-Vesak concert in collaboration with local Buddhist musicians. The event will culminate with a Vesak Day song, capping with dedication of merits and Vesak Day message by Venerable Heng Sure

vesak 2021 metta concert.png
vesak 2021 metta in action.png

Please prepare a tea light candle and join the virtual offering at 9:00 AM as we light up our hearts and minds on this holy Vesak Day.


Dhamma Talk

Ven Mahinda Maha Thera will give a Vesak Day talk “In the footsteps of the Buddha…” with Metta and Mindfulness. 

Prayers and Light Offering

Offering of a candle to the Buddha to aspire towards the enlightenment of the mind as wisdom dispels the darkness of ignorace. As part of the annual Vesak practice, SBM will offer lights and flowers to the Buddha.


9.00 AM

E-Vesak Blessings and Aspirations

Vesak Initiation by Chief Venerable K. Dhammika Maha Thera, SBM
Invocation and Prayer to the Triple Gem
Offering of Light to the Buddha (Puja) and 28 Buddhas Puja

9.45 AM

The Great Metta Sit

Opening Speech by Guest of Honour
Mr K. Shanmugam, Minister for Home Affairs and Minister for Law
Official Tally of The Great Metta Sit

15-Min Guided Meditation by Ven Mahinda

10.15 AM

Dhamma Talk by Venerables

Vesak Day Messages from
Venerable Sumana Nayaka Maha Thera - "Significance of Vesak"

Venerable Mahinda Maha Thera - "In the footsteps of the Buddha... with Metta and Mindfulness"

11.00 AM

E-Vesak Metta Concert

Launch of Vesak Day theme song

Celebrating the collaborative Buddhist spirit on Vesak day

Spread Metta and Joy with local Buddhist Musicians

12.00 PM

Vesak Greetings and Dedication of Merits by
Venerable Heng Sure

12.30 PM

End of Morning Program

2.00 PM

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