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Our annual flagship camp,
Camp Ehi-Passiko is finally back
as a physical camp

Camp Ehi-passiko is a 4-Days-3-Nights camp organized by Singapore Buddhist Mission (Youth). Here, we aim to plant the seeds of Dharma in youths through interactive activities. These activities will allow them to be mindful of their actions in their daily lives and realise how the Buddha’s teachings are closely related and applicable to solving day to day obstacles.

What is Ehi Passiko?
Ehi-Passiko, translated as “come and see” in Pali, which our camp programme was named after by Singapore Buddhist Mission (Youth) as a platform for youth to understand the basics of Buddhism,whilst engaging in meaningful activities and exciting games.


Join us in the cosmos

Camp Date :

9 - 12 December 2022

Location : Sarimbun Scout Camp


Camp Fees :

Camp fees: 
$70 per pax 
Group of 3 : $65 per pax 
Group of 4 : $60 per pax

Youth age : 13-21

( Other ages are accepted but do let us know in registration!)

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