How to participate?

Kathina is a tradition which has been followed since the time of the Buddha. It is a meaningful event for all buddhists. Although due to Covid 19, devotees might not join us in person for the symbolic robes offering ceremony, devotees still have an opportunity to reserve the robes for the offering. Meanwhile, devotees could also offer requisites to the Sangha during this special day. 

Robes @ S$60 each

Requisites @ S$30 per set 

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I would like to participate in the Dhamma talk only.

14 November 2021

9:30AM Buddha puja

9:35AM Welcoming speech

9:45AM Taking the 5 precepts

9:50AM Offering Kathina Chivara

10:00AM Dhamma Talk by Ven Dr N. Sumana Nayaka Maha Thero

10:15AM Robe Offering Ceremony

10:30AM Blessing by Maha Sangha

10:45AM Dhamma Talk Bhante Mahinda

Message from our Chief Reverend 

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Venerable K. Dhammika Maha Thera

The Significance of Kathina robe Ceremony is based on the fulfilment of three months Rainy Retreat observed by monks. This is the ceremony purely connected with monastic conduct enjoyed by monks  supported by devotees. The Kathina Ceremony is one of the most significant Buddhist festivals which falls once in a year celebrated in every Buddhist monastery.


In three months of “Vassa” annual rainy retreat monks only who have completed properly their rainy precept would be deserved to receive the Kathina robe . Otherwise, that particular Buddhist temple cannot hold the Kathina ceremony for the relevant year.


The monks who have observed rainy precept dedicate their lives to watch more closely the spiritual development. On the hand, they are aware  of the spiritual enhancement of the lay community. Therefore, the monks and the lay disciples get together and organize various types of spiritual activities in the period of three months in every Buddhist temples. The monks who have observed the rainy precept make a vow to limit their travels and try to remain at one particular place within  the period of three months. Then the lay communities become more aware of the necessity of monks’ daily needs. Therefore, spending such purposeful life at the end of three months it becomes very significant moment for both parties, ordained disciples and lay community. This is a very special ceremony and rare occasion to accumulate more merits for both monks and devotees. The “Kathina Robe Offering Ceremony” takes places once a year after the completion of three months “Rainy Retreat” of monks begins on the Full Moon Day of July to Full Moon Day of October based on the “Disciplinary Acts”.


Due to the pandemic situation, the Kathina Ceremony will be conducted via zoom this year. By the power of these merits, may all of you be blessed with good health, happiness, peace prosperity and longevity.