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Let us celebrate and express our gratitude to the amazing women that have nurtured and touched our lives - e.g. mothers, sisters, mentors, teachers, friends, colleagues, etc. We are happy to bring to you a series of programmes and activities to celebrate the International Women Day 2022.

ACTIVITY 1: Share your story #IWDNurture from 8th March to 19th March
ACTIVITY 2: Giving to our local Buddhist monastics who are elderly or living alone
ACTIVITY 3: Learn and connect with the community of Dhamma Sisters 

Organised by 

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From 08 March to 19 March, share stories of Celebrate Nurturing Women on social media with hashtag #IWDNurture



Send a gratitude e-card, gratitude rock and support our local artists' masterpieces inspired by the beauty of lotus. All proceeds will contribute to our local Buddhist monastics who are elderly or living alone.

Find out more about Aranya:

SBM Online Shop will open from 8th - 19th March. The silent auction will end on 15th March and the highest bidder will be informed for collection on 19th March in the International Women's Day finale event below.




Personal Empowerment to

Protect Mother Earth

Guest Speaker : Yeo Pei Shan

Date : 12 March 2022

Time : 10:30 AM to 12:00 PM

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Speaker Profile :

Pei Shan co-founded UglyFood, a social enterprise focused on food loss due to surplus and blemished fresh produce. She left UglyFood last year and now focuses on assisting businesses with food sustainability initiatives such as UglyDuck Cafe at Queenstown CC. She also started Food Warrior (@kindfoodwarrior) to continue her advocacy and train up food warriors.

Pei Shan uses Buddhist principles as her moral compass to initiate projects which are close to her heart. Other than food sustainability initiatives, she served as SMU Dhamma Circle President, organising committee in Singapore Buddhist Youth Day, and she’s currently heading TADAH (Together, All Dhamma At Home) to encourage buddhists to practise and cultivate habits of reading dhamma books.

International Women's Day Special -

Celebrate Nurturing Women


Guest Speaker :

Venerable Faxun

Venerable Damcho

Sayalay Sujata

Date : 19 March 2022

Time : 10:30 AM to 12:00 PM

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About the Event :

This International Women's Day, we are really grateful to have the opportunity to invite Venerable nuns from 3 different traditions to join us as we bring the Buddhist community together to share gratitude to all women who have nurtured and touched our lives. We also hope that this can help build connection for our Dhamma sisters with the community of Venerable nuns as we share, cultivate and dedicate merits towards world peace.

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