The Kathina festival originates 2500 years ago, celebrating the biggest alms-giving ceremony of the Buddhist Year. The Significance of Kathina robe offering ceremony is based on the fulfillment of three months Rains Retreat observed by monks. After the Vassana period, a day is selected within a month to celebrate Kathina, a ceremony whereby members and devotees offer the Kathina Robe and other gifts to the Maha Sangha. Buddhist attach great significance to this celebration. ‘To care for the needs of the Bhikkhus’ is a meritorious deed.

This 2020, you are still able to purchase and donate a Robe to be offered to our Venerables on 22 November in SBM. However, due to social distancing measures in place, the Robe Offering ceremony will be by volunteers and broadcasted LIVE via Zoom for all Buddhists Brothers and Sisters to participate. We also have a Kathina day Blessings Kit, a box of essential items that you can get to celebrate Kathina Day at home with us. Stay tuned to this page for more updates on E-Kathina Day 2020.


22 NOVEMBER 2020

0930 Morning Prayers - Mangala sutta 
0945 Kathina Day Opening with Ven. Dhammika – Observing 5 Precept
          Initiation of Kathina Day
          Dharma Sharing by Venerable Sumana - The Significance of Kathina Day
1030 Robe Offering Ceremony
1100 Sharing by Dr Ng Wai Chong - Contributing to Local Sangha 
1130 Dedication of Merits and Blessings
1200 Closing


Donate a robe and celebrate E-Kathina with us at home, with our first-ever exclusive Kathina Day Blessings Kit, delivered to your doorstep 

Singapore Buddhist Mission invites all of you to celebrate Kathina Day with us online with a complimentary Kathina Day Blessings Kit, specially designed and packed by our youth volunteers. Each box contains essential offering items, blessed by our resident Venerable for you and your loved ones. We will be delivering the kit to your doorstep one week before Kathina Day.

Available from now till 18 Nov 2020, while stocks last. All proceeds goes to the Robe offering and support for SBM Dharma activities.


Candle for Light Offering 

We offer a candle to the Buddha, Dhamma and Sangha (Triple Gems) to aspire towards the enlightenment of the mind as wisdom dispel the darkness of ignorance. Join us in our Kathina Day Morning Prayers and Opening for candle offering.

Blessing Water 

It is a very ancient tradition recommended by the Blessed one. In the wholesome chanting we direct our wholesome mental states to all sentient beings. Then we sprinkle or distribute this Blessed water among the community, purifying our hearts free from attachment, aversion, and delusion.

Blessing water can be consumed.

Blessing Strings

The cotton strings are dyed with 5 colours of the Buddhist flag. The blessings strings are assembled with the chanting of wholesome discourses delivered by the Blessed one. Wearing this string reminds us of the great teachings of the Buddha and, thus, be blessed with calmness, joy and good mental and physical health. 

Blessing string can be worn on your wrist.

Chanting Book

Chanting is a way of learning and showing devotion to the Buddhist teachings. Buddhists also chant to cultivate mindfulness and develop focus. Join us in our Kathina Day Morning Prayers with this chanting book. Join us in our Kathina Day Morning Prayers with this chanting book.

Vegetarian Meal Voucher

Redeem a wholesome vegetarian meal at Greendot Singapore worth $7.90. Sponsored by Singapore Buddhist Mission.


With our deepest gratitude to all our devotees, we are pleased to share that all our slots for 

the offerings have been taken up.

You may continue to support us via the button below:



SBM is organizing a very special Kathina this year in collaboration with Aranya Sangha Dana Fellowship Limited (ASDFL). Aranya Sangha Dana Fellowship is a non-profit organization that provides support services for community-based Buddhist monastics.

To find out more, please visit: https://www.facebook.com/AranyaSangha/ 


SBM x ASDF Care Package - $200

Due to overwhelming response, all the slots for the package have been filled up.

We thank everyone for the generosity and compassion shown to the community-based monastics and

may we ask for you to continue supporting them by keeping a lookout for them via the

ASDFL's Facebook Group.

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