How to participate?

Kathina is a tradition which has been followed since the time of the Buddha. It is a meaningful event for all buddhists. Although due to Covid 19, devotees might not join us in person for the symbolic robes offering ceremony, devotees still have an opportunity to reserve the robes for the offering. Meanwhile, devotees could also offer requisites to the Sangha during this special day. 

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9:30AM  Morning Prayers - Jaya Mangala Gatha

9:45AM  Kathina Day Opening with Ven K. Dhammika:

  • Observing the 5 Precepts

  • Initiation of Kathina Day

  • Dharma Sharing by Ven Dr Sumana - The Significance of Kathina Day

10:30AM  Robe Offering Ceromony

11:00AM  Sharing by Dr Ng Wai Chong - Contributing to Local Sangha

11:30AM  Dedication of Merits

12:00PM  Closing

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Every year, Buddhist Monks observe the Rains Retreat all over the world. It is a very wholesome and spiritual period in the Theravada Buddhist calendar. Three months ago,Singapore Buddhist Mission (SBM) general committee invited me to observe the rainy retreat at SBM during the August Full Moon Poya day.


However, this year it was not the same as before. During these three months, SBM could only cater individual evening puja chanting and meditation with strict social distancing measures in place. We also adapted to the new normal by offering Sundays Dhammatalks and meditation sessions by Venerable Mahinda via virtual online platforms.


With the accumulated merits, I would like to invite you to join us on 14 November for the annual Robe Offering Ceremony held at SBM, but this year, broadcasted online for all to participate virtually.