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14 NOV 2021

9.00am - 12.30pm 


A virtual Kathina day celebration brought to you by Singapore Buddhist Mission 


Dear Brothers and Sisters,

The Covid-19 situation is occupying the minds of many in the world today. Based on the new Government requirements and for the safety of all our members and Venerables, Chief Reverend K. Dhammika has requested to pause all SBM activities until end of June. SBM will defer all Sunday Services, Sunday Dhamma Dana Circle, Fellowship Circle and Youth programs at our physical premise until further notice.

We understand that these are trying times. As such, we would like to support our members through these three temporary initiatives:

1) Our Fellowship Sessions will continue in a new “e-sharing” format using digital technology which will allow interactive sessions at the comfort of your own home. Click on “upcoming events”

2) Our SBM Youth wing will be putting up sharing contents on our social media platforms (i.e. Instagram @sbmyouth and Facebook page: Singapore Buddhist Mission), do stay connected, like and share.

3) For Blessings and Transference of Merits (TOM), please contact Chief Venerable K. Dhammika at +65 6299 7216. Our Venerable teachers will be performing daily prayers and we will light the candles on your behalf.

May we be free from fear, worry and anxiety. 
May we have a strong body and clarity of mind to guide us through. 
May we use this time to practise and anchor ourselves in the Triple Gems.

More updated information on the outbreak, please refer to:

"Come and see for yourself" ~ Invite yourself to investigate, examine and gain confirmation

Ehi passiko

"Buddhism and Peace"

Buddhism is strongly associated with non-violence and the principle of no-harm. During the Buddha’s time, he prevented wars by engaging rulers in dialogues and questions if the reason of war is more worthy than the blood of fellow human beings.


“Hatred cannot cease through hatred.

Only through love can hatred cease.

This is an Eternal Law.’”


“Not a single page of Buddhist history has ever been lurid with the light of inquisitorial fires or darkened with the smoke of heretic or heathen cities ablaze, or red with blood of the guiltless victims of religious hatred. Buddhism wields only one sword, the sword of wisdom, and recognises only one enemy - ignorance. This is the testimony of history and is not to be gain-said.”

- Prof. Bapat in “2500 years of Buddhism”



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