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Incepted in 1996 by a group of 12 youth leaders, Camp Ehi-Passiko, translated as ‘Come and See’ in Pali, is a 4-Day, 3-Night camp programme created by Singapore Buddhist Mission (Youth) as a platform for youths to understand the basics to Buddhism, whilst engaging in meaningful activities and exciting games planned wholly by youth leaders who have also attended CEP themselves.


The camp programme has since stably reached out to an average of 100 participants at every instalment. This legacy of continuity is currently in its 23rd year of implementation, and this programme will continue to ignite the passion of youth leadership in camp planning, activity innovation, safety and logistics management as well as team spirit!


Ehi-Passiko means 'Come and See' and it is a teaching taught by the Buddha that encourages us to not simply believe and accept teachings and information with blind faith. Rather, we should develop our mind with mindfulness and wisdom and examine and investigate all things and teachings, before accepting them as truth to live up to.

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