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The Traditional Chinese Ghost Month Festival (Zhong Yuan Jie)


The Traditional Chinese Ghost month festival also known as Zhong Yuan Jie is widely celebrated by the Chinese communities in Singapore and abroad. Zhong Yuan Jie  festival falls on the Lunar 7th month, commencing from 4th Aug 2024  till 1st Sept 2024. Buddhist practitioners call the 7th month Ghost Festival as Ullambana Festival dating back to Buddha's time. During the Buddha's time, his disciple Maudgalyana discovers his mother is suffering in the realm of woes. Desiring to relieve the mother's sufferings, he uses his psychic power to relieve her sufferings but to no avail. However with Buddha's advice, to offer Dana to a congregation of monks including the Buddha on the 15th of 7th month and then  dedicate the great merits accrued from such meritorious actions, and dedicate to his late mother and with that his mother's sufferings has been relieved.

The essence , is that everyone regardless of religions , should cultivate a good heart , gratitude , generosity  compassion and have the humane qualities to remember all  the departed, known or unknown to us. And during the Ghost Month Festival,  buddhists and non- buddhists  praying to their departed ones, late friends ( humans and non-humans)  and have a great wish for these beings to have a better rebirths. 

Singapore Buddhist Mission will celebrate the 7th month Ghost festival or Ullambana Festival on the 4th Aug 2024 and 18th Aug 2024, New Moon of 7th month and the 15th (full moon) respectively. SBM will also celebrate Di Zhang Pusa birthday on the 1st Sept 2024.  These 3 occasions will start at 10.30 A.M. at 9 Ruby Lane.

The Maha Sanghas of SBM together with the devotees will carry out Transference Of Merits accrued by observing 5 precepts, making offerings to Buddha, and chanting Tirrukuda Sutta. The merits and good thoughts thus accrued will be dedicated to all the departed, wishing them well and happy wherever they may be now and when the conditions are conducive may  they attend the Bliss of Nirvana.

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